Cyber Security skills and talent solutions.

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"The UK needs to tackle the systemic issues at the heart of the Cyber Skills shortage..."

National Cyber Security Strategy 2016-2021, HM Government

UP NEXT: inspiring young cyberists

Inspiring young Cyberists through the CyberFirst programme.

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UP NEXT: securing the future

"If we don't get Cyber Security right, the fundamentals of our economy and our way of life could be challenged."

Ciaran Martin, National Cyber Security Centre

UP NEXT: Defenders of the future

Our Cyber Apprenticeship Programmes are arming UK organisations with the defenders of the future.

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UP NEXT: we all have our part to play

"Learning new Cyber Security skills is not just for specialist IT Technologists. Every single employee has their part to play in countering the threat."

Richard Beck, Director of Cyber, QA Ltd


Professional Cyber Security training for every role.

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UP NEXT: protect the future

"Developing talent is the single most important thing an organisation can do to protect its future."

Richard Beck, Director of Cyber, QA Ltd

UP NEXT: scalable specialist talent

Attract, develop and deploy your Cyber Security talent through the QA Cyber Academy.

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UP NEXT: Higher cyber education

Further your education with Cyber Security Masters Degrees

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UP NEXT: bridging the skills gap

"Your organisation simply may not be able to find enough qualified people to help drive a successful Cyber Security and privacy programme."


UP NEXT: our consulting solution

QA Cyber Consultants. For project-based or permanent deployment.

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