Welcome to the QA Cyber Academy


Solving the Cyber Security skills gap.

Cyber crime has never been more predominant. The number of breaches is exponentially rising year on year leading to an ever increasing Cyber Security threat.

In response to this growing threat, QA offer a unique Cyber Security talent development solution. Built from a foundation of critical skills the QA Cyber Security School offer organisations a real effective method to recruit and train cyber professionals.

Tailored to the needs of individual organisations, and aligned to their business objectives these extended programmes ensure delivery of grounded Cyber Security professionals for now and the future.

"The UK needs to tackle the systemic issues at the heart of the Cyber skills shortage..."

National Cyber Security Strategy 2016-2021, HM Government

How we can help.

By providing organisations with scaleable solutions

QA Cyber Academy hosts 3 specific programmes dedicated to individual organisational needs to help future proof your talent.

Attract, select and train your own Cyber professionals with your bespoke Cyber School programme to produce the skills your business requires.


Unique multi-entry point hands-on programme delivering practical skills to your team, to ensure you optimise your triage and incident response processes and develop humanistic threat hunting behaviours to enhance your offensive defensive capability.

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Bespoke programmes to fast track your Graduates to embed them in your business – a blend of Cyber technical skills and business soft skills to increase their productivity and understanding of your business.