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Cyber Security training doesn't get more immersive than this.

QA’s state-of-the-art Cyber Labs enable individuals and teams to learn in a way that no other training does. With all experiential learning, mastering expertise is a continuous process of experience, reflection, conceptualisation and experimentation. Enjoy our cyber games and challenges, to learn through doing, in an immersive and fun environment that feels real.

Purpose built for immersive learning in critical areas


Understand how to conduct digital investigations relating to malicious activity 
Learn how to accurately collect and analyse evidence.
Gather social media intelligence on ‘Digital Treasure Hunts’ Conduct investigations online and across multiple devices.


Rehearse incident response techniques 
Learn to lead and communicate in a Cyber crisis 
Simulate press and media liaison exercises 
Practice effective inter-department communications 
Rehearse industry specific  scenarios


Immerse yourself in a full 'hands-on' simulated attack 
Secure development challenges for application developers 
Learn to 'detect, deter and defend' Cyber attacks with hands-on labs 
Understand and practice effective security incident triage


Learn how to develop a defensive shield 
Cyber Defender skills for your industry - from beginner to advanced 
Hands-on Cyber trade craft tools & techniques to identify vulnerabilities 
Develop proactive Cyber defence skills

Develop essential Cyber skills

'capture the flag'

2 Days | Course code QACYDEFF

This foundation event provides a learning platform for multi-discipline IT technical teams to work together collaborating as they would defending their organisation in a real Cyber attack. 

Taking the learner in teams, with almost no Cyber experience through engaging hands-on labs to provide a solid foundation into the practical disciples of Kali Linux, Encoding and Decoding, Incident Response and Vulnerability Management.

'digital treasure hunt'

1 Day | Course code QACYIC

The Dark Web is at the forefront of criminal innovation and understanding how it works is the first step in being able to combat the illegal activities that go on there. This challenge will refine the skills and techniques needed to efficiently and effectively find key pieces of intelligence on the Internet and Dark Web. 

This practical event will allow you to put the skills they have learnt into practical test into a real life environment.


2 Days | Course code QACYDEFSOC

This simulated Cyber event will test your ability under pressure to identify and patch vulnerabilities in a number of compromised systems as well as identify malware and other types of backdoors installed by an attacker and ultimately, defend assets from live attacks as they happen. 

Some experience within the Linux environment and the ability to identify vulnerabilities and attacks using a variety of network, vulnerability and malware analysis tools, techniques and procedures would be recommended.


1 Day | Course code QACYHUNT

Designed to teach where to look before, during and after an attack has taken place. Learn to identify indicators of attack and compromise, discover how to find previously undetected vulnerabilities, suspicious insider or malicious activity on a network. 

Pinpoint advanced malware, zero-day vulnerabilities and lateral movement within your network. Discover tools and techniques to support rapid analysis of sophisticated Cyber threats.

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"The event went well as it enabled me to learn a lot of content while giving me practical experience and was generally more engaging than standard courses."

"I enjoyed the event, I enjoyed spending more time learning about the theory behind what we were taught."

“The facilities were fit for purpose and the environment was spacious and effective for learning.”

"Very effective. It’s invaluable to get real world information in this way”

“An amazing set up to learn and practice against different attacks.”