UK Government Cyber Strategy

Following the publication of the UK National Cyber Security Strategy and through the investment of £1.9bn to enhance the UK Cyber capabilities and fundamentally make the UK the hardest target.

Cyber is recognised and acknowledged as a Tier 1 threat to the UK’s economic and national security.

The strategy sets out a vision and ambition for the UK to be secure and resilient to Cyber threats; prosperous and confident in the digital world. The pervasive nature and scale of the Cyber threat to the UK economy and society requires a step change and radically different approach.

With a significant focus on the Cyber skills agenda, Cyber could become a genuine strategic advantage for UK Plc.

The strategic goal to increase the supply base for Cyber professionals reflects QA commitment to contribute to the Cyber skills agenda developing and enhancing the underpinning the Cyber talent pipeline from schools and apprenticeships, through the workplace and into the boardroom.