An unparalleled team of Cyber Experts

Ryan Ackroyd

Cyber Security Trainer

Ryan has a wealth of experience within the Cyber industry. Previously a known hacker Ryan has reformed and vowed to help secure, defend systems and share his knowledge through training. Ryan joined QA in 2016 as a Cyber Security Trainer and Security Researcher where he continues to educate customers and support in expanding QA’s already comprehensive suite of Cyber courses.

James Aguilan

Cyber Security Trainer

James has worked on many high complexity eDiscovery Projects and Forensic Investigations involving civil litigation, arbitration and criminal investigations for large corporation and international law firms across UK, US, Europe and Asia. James has assisted on many notable projects involving: one of the largest acquisition and merger case of all time – a deal worth $85 billion, multijurisdictional money laundering matter for Government bodies, and national cyber threat crisis including the more recent ransomware, phishing campaigns, and network intrusion.

James has comprehensive knowledge of the eDiscovery lifecycle and forensic investigation procedures in both practise and theory with deep focus and interest in Forensic Preservation and Collection and Incident Response. In addition, He holds a first class bachelor’s degree in Computer Forensics and is accredited as an ACE FTK certified examiner.

Mark Amory

Cyber Training Delivery Manager

After leaving a career as a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer in 1998, Mark started out with a fresh career as an IT trainer. Spending the first few years as an applications trainer, Mark excelled in delivering Microsoft Office and Adobe products. In-line with his background as an Engineer, Mark soon shifted focus to more technical deliveries, including hardware and networking topics; a field he has remained in ever since. As a natural progression of his career saw Mark start to explore the security aspect of his existing competencies and since 2005 has specialised in the Cyber Security domain.

Mark has been the author of a number of QA Cyber Security courses and was the design authority and author of the 2017 NCSC Cyber First Academy.

Mark is a C|EH and is currently undergoing the process of becoming an NCSC Certified Cyber Professional.

Graeme Batsman

Cyber Security Trainer

Graeme joined QA in 2017 and has worked in security on and off for 13 years. His last role was as a Senior Technical Security consultant at Capgemini covering public and private sector. From the age of 17 he was running investigations into online scams and phishing. Today his experience is in OSINT and thinking like a hacker to review + tweak settings with a fine tooth comb.

Richard Beck

Director of Cyber

Richard Beck (CISSP, CISM, CISA) is Director of Cyber Security at QA, responsible for the entire Cyber Security portfolio across the four QA divisions. He works with customers to build effective and successful security training solutions tailored for business needs. Richard has over 15 years' experience in senior Information Security roles. Prior to QA, Richard was Head of Information Security for four years at Arqiva, who underpin 20% of the UK's Critical National Infrastructure. Richard also held Security and Technical Management posts at CPP, GEC, Pearson and the Royal Air Force.

Richard sits on a number of security advisory panels including IBM, BCS and EC-Council and previously chaired the Communication Industry Personnel Security Information Exchange (CPNI). Richard is also a STEM Ambassador working to engage and enthuse young people in the area of Cyber Security. Providing a unique perspective on the world of Cyber Security to teachers and encourage young people to consider a career in the industry.

Spencer Collins

Cyber Training Delivery Manager

Spencer completed a 23 year career in the military as a Warrant Officer in the Intelligence Corps managing the Army’s Specialist Security Training capability, providing Counter Intelligence and Security education to Army, wider defence and government organisations. Previous specialist roles include Technical Intelligence Investigation, development and delivery of the Army’s OSINT capability and Lead Forensic Investigator for counter intelligence operations in the UK and overseas.

Spencer is also GCT certified to deliver our GCHQ certified courses.

Guy Davis

Cyber Security Trainer

Guy has over 20 years’ experience in training with a solid background in network and hardware support. For the past 5 years, Guy has focussed on IT security, especially Cyber Security and has worked on many projects over time including Northern Exposure/Cyber Summer Schools.

Guy is an MCT in Windows clients and server products, Certified Ethical Hacker, A+ and Network+ certifications. Guy has a deep seated interest in IT and security in particular Cyber issues that affect the entire world to ones that affect friends and family, not quite 24 hour support, but close.

David Doody

Cyber Security Trainer

David had a full career in the British Armed Forces working as communications engineer with the Royal Corp of Signals. His role saw him install and maintain a wide selection of communications networks and deliver technical training to communication engineers prior to completing his service as a subject matter expert.

After several jobs in the communications industries ranging from managing NOCs to telecommunications training delivery, David Joined QA in August 2018 after being responsible for the management and development of BT’s Cyber Security Apprenticeship programme.

Rob Edwards

Cyber Security Trainer

Robert has a deep understanding in Cyber Security, with over 10 years of industry experience working within Public Sector agencies and organisations at the highest security levels, having major input into the design and implementation of highly flexible and adaptive information systems around the globe. He spent his formative years working as an ICT specialist and technician, deploying and maintaining high security communications systems worldwide, where he developed the skill sets, training and real-world experience in the field of Cyber Security, consolidating this after leaving the military into gaining his CISSP certification.

David Etherington

Cyber Security Trainer

David Etherington has always been fascinated with Science and Technology, he has a BEng in Engineering. Prior to joining QA David spent 20 years working, initially as an online Banking Developer before moving into Cyber Security in the banking sector including Penetration Testing (hacking). David then started performing internal investigations within the bank and developed digital forensics skills. David then joined his local police force as a Digital Evidence Recovery Officer, gaining more training to specialise in a digital forensic role.

David now specialises in delivering courses across our Offensive Security portfolio, teaching security specialists how attackers operate in order to better defend their assets. This includes Digital Forensics, Ethical Hacking, Malware analysis and Open Source Intelligence.

David is also GCT certified to deliver our GCHQ certified courses.

Shaun Ferris

Cyber Security Trainer

Up until last year, Shaun served a total of 12 years in the Royal Air Force, initially as an Arabic Linguist within the Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) community for the first 7 years, collecting from a variety of sources as well as taking a lead and training role within a specialist team. During this time he also undertook a Human Intelligence (HUMINT) deployment to Iraq. Shaun then took a career break undertaking a degree in Computer Science at the University of East Anglia before returning to the RAF as an Information and Communications Technologies Technician which included a year’s long training across the disciplines of: computers; mobile, radar, radio and satellite communication technologies; and Cisco-based networking.

During his first posting after training, Shaun also undertook the training for and certification of, the EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) course. During his first 18 months with QA he has delivered a wide variety of courses including some of our bespoke programmes, as well as teaching in the Summer School and CyberFirst programmes. He has also been filmed for QA’s Blended Learning project.

Shaun is currently working towards the (ISC)2 Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP) and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certifications.

Paul Fennell

Cyber Security Trainer

Holding a Postgraduate diploma in Cybercrime forensics, Paul worked in the field as a Cyber investigator as both a network and digital forensic examiner, with notable success in conducting and directing a broad range of criminal and civil investigations. With over 7 years’ experience in multi-platform digital forensics in serious and complex multi-region cyber-crime cases on behalf of the MPCCU (Metropolitan Police Cybercrime Unit) holding the rank of Detective Constable and later in the private sector in digital forensics and Incident response (EMEA).

Mark Haringman

Cyber Security Trainer

Mark is a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) with over 35 years’ experience in the Information Technology industry. Covering a range of different industries including, Financial Services, NHS, Retail with subject matter expertise in Public Service Consultancy, Governance, Risk Management and PCI-DSS.

Mike Hopkins

Cyber Security Trainer

Mike is a Cyber Security instructor based in Manchester and has been involved in IT teaching and training for 10 years. Before Mike started his career in teaching and training he was a Senior Network and Security Engineer for a local FE college.  The driving force behind Mikes switch from a technical role to a training role is that Mike is a product of an Apprenticeship scheme 20 years ago and decided he would like to help educate and train other like-minded individuals.

Specialising in all levels of cyber, from Cyber Foundations through to Advanced Hacking courses. Mike has now been with QA for 2 years and is now qualified as a Certified Ethical Hacker as well as completing and passing his CISMP qualification.

Mike is also GCT certified to deliver our GCHQ certified courses.

Mark Hutchings

Cyber Training Delivery Manager

Mark joined QA after a 23 year career in the Royal Air Force (RAF), Mark started his career as a Telecommunications Technician progressing through the ranks. In 2007 Mark was commissioned as an Officer and after completing Initial Officer Training and Engineer Officer Training went on to Command the Command and Control, Computer, Communications and Intelligence Flight at RAF Honnington. Mark then worked as a Service Manager in the Logistics Information Technology System Project Team. Following these tours Mark completed a Master’s Degree in Computing and Information Network Systems before seeing out the rest of his service career teaching at the Defence School of Communications and Information Systems as lead instructor in the Information Systems department of Engineer Officer Training.

Mark is a Network and Telecommunications specialist (including mobile, cryptography and Radio Frequency Networks), also has Unix and Windows administration experience, has coded and published iPhone applications, has spent the last few years teaching digital footprint and Open Source Intelligence

Scott Isaac

Head of Cyber Product Development

Scott Isaac has a strong personal interest in Systems and Communications exploitation. Prior to joining QA, Scott spent 9 years working with all three of the armed services and government counterparts, providing intelligence derived from a wide range of communication systems. His training enabled him to become expert in low level signal modulation techniques. As intelligence requirements changed with the communication systems used, Scott adapted his skill set to focus on creating ways to leverage modern intelligence collection techniques to greater effect across operational theatres such as Afghanistan, The Falkland Islands and Cyprus.

Scott now specialises in delivering courses across our offensive security portfolio, teaching security specialists how attackers operate in order to better defend their assets. This includes Ethical Hacking, Malware analysis, Open source intelligence and hosting Capture the Flag events.

Wendell La Fortune

Cyber Security Trainer

Wendell La Fortune is a Cyber Security practitioner with twenty years Cisco high level Network Engineering experience working for world leading service providers He is an CREST Certified Advanced Persistent Threat Penetration tester having conducted successful Penetration Tests for leading organisations, an ISO 27001 Lead Implementer having lead  teams that implemented ISO 27001 ISMS.

A certified, experienced EU GDPR  Data Protection Officer & Practitioner implementing EU GDPR/Privacy compliance programs for various organisations and businesses in the UK and EU. Wendell is also a certified Agile Professional SCRUM Master leading teams developing complex software products in complex environments using SDLC and TDD methodologies. He currently holds a PG CERT Cyber Security and is presently completing his MSc Cyber Security at Northumbria University in the UK. A visiting Cyber Security Lecturer at CTS College, School of Business and Computer Science, Trinidad & Tobago.

Dr Darryl Macgregor

Cyber Principle Technologist

Dr Darryl MacGregor has worked as a Molecular Biologist, a Lecturer and a Technical Support Manager. He has worked for several training organisations, ran a penetration testing/consultancy firm and is now a trainer and course developer for QA; his particular areas of expertise are Cryptography and Penetration Testing.

Dr Darryl MacGregor is also GCT certified to deliver our GCHQ certified courses.

Mark Martin

Cyber Security Trainer

Mark was a Senior Investigating Officer working in Law Enforcement with over 31 years’ experience of working in the various government agencies including the National Crime Agency. He has handled numerous cases involving drug trafficking, money laundering, endangered species, fraud, tackling child abuse online, extortion, hacking, and various other computer crimes. Mark is an advanced mobile and digital Forensics practitioner. Mark has utilised his open source intelligence skills to locate and identify individuals and criminal organisations online.

Mark was one of the founding members of the elite team called the National Hi-Tech Crime Unit, set up in 2001 to tackle with online threats.

He also worked in partnership with Europol and Interpol and was instrumental in dismantling a highly sophisticated international online paedophile organisation. He has also delivered training in Europol on child abuse online Open Source intelligence.

Mark is also GCT certified to deliver our GCHQ certified courses.

Stuart Paintain

Cyber Security Trainer

Stuart’s background includes the building, installing and supporting of client server computer systems, installing and managing network infrastructure, working in various environments from small to large organisations. Stuart has experienced modems and Coaxial Ethernet but still has a good grounding in recent advancements such as IPV6 and most things in between. Stuart comes with over 10 years’ experience delivering IT and networking topics in Further and Higher Education.

King Samuel

Cyber Security Trainer

Originating from a systems administration/network architecture career, a solid part of his career building networks for educational institutes. With security being a mainstay his implementation he grew a strong passion for everything cyber orientated especially social engineering.

The educational experience led to him mentoring young women in IT, helping them to begin a cyber career. He is a recipient of the Cisco global cyber security scholarship. A CCNACyberOps holder and elected for the CCNPCyberOps program.

Tom Sinclair

Cyber Security Trainer

Tom is an experienced Cyber Security Manager who has extensive experience within the Defence and MoD sectors. Tom has managed and successfully delivered numerous IT-health checks to attain various types of accreditation, and consultancy around Pen testing and hardening of networks for numerous high-profile clients within the U.K and overseas.

Prior to joining QA Tom spent 10 years within the Airborne Forces, 2 years working on MoD Cyber projects and 1 year working for Sopra Steria which is rated the 3rd largest Digital transformation company in Europe leading Cyber Security tasks. Whilst Tom has a vast amount of experience within Cyber Management, Toms passion is Red Teaming & Ethical Hacking.

Brad Stone

Head of Cyber Certifications

Brad has worked across IT for many years; from installing, managing and troubleshooting systems, through coding and scripting, to running security and configuring firewall, IDS and network policies. Brad has been training tech for almost a decade and holds certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, ISC2 plus many more.

From an electronic engineering background, Brad enjoys investigating different systems and finding new ways they can be manipulated. Brad mainly trains Offensive Security, Intelligence Gathering, Security Management and Cloud Computing.

Brad is also GCT certified to deliver our GCHQ certified courses.

Leszek Szczygielski

Cyber Security Trainer

Leszek (MSc, CISSP, CEH) IT professional with almost two decades of experience across the technology landscape, secure development and industries with cyber security in its’ DNA. Continuous learner, able to rapidly evolve, adopt to new circumstances and motivated, curious and persistent in doing the job right with the speed and under the pressure, able to make decisions in real time with reliable accuracy.

He’s got MSc in Computer Science as well as postgraduate diplomas in Management, Coaching and wide range of professional certifications including PCI IM, Network+, Security+, CSA+, CEH, CISMP and CISSP among others. He is in the business of shaping the future – everybody’s future.

Mekonnen Teferi

Cyber Security Trainer

Technical security trainer with a wide repertoire of technical qualifications with over 18 years of exposure in a professional scenario, excellent ICT experience in hardware, software, networking and Cyber Security. Security Systems & Network Specialist with CompTIA /A+, Network+, Security+, CCNA / CCNP & MCSE trained and qualified, exceptional knowledge of LAN, WAN infrastructure and Information Security Technologies.

Proven track record on delivering various specialist training courses, Level 1 – 5 C&G, and OCR IT frameworks for private and public sectors.Graduated from University of Westminster with a Business Computing (BSc -Hons) undergrad degree, and MSC in Cyber Security and Network Systems.

Richard Westwood

Cyber Security Trainer

Richard worked for the UK government for 15 years in an offensive cyber role. He started his career as a Cyber Practitioner, progressing to a team leader/practitioner role and eventually on to lead the Cyber team. During this time the business saw considerable growth and change where Richard led on many key areas that shaped how the organisation approached the Cyber challenge. Richard has worked on a number of key projects including Cyber Security for the 2012 Olympics.